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Photo expedition - Lofoten Luminance Arctic Summer

Lofoten (Norw. Lofoten) – an archipelago in the Norwegian Sea off the north-western coast of Norway, stretching for 112 km from the tiny island of Røst in the south to the narrow Raftsundet strait, separating it from the Vesterålen archipelago. It is separated from the mainland by the Vestfjorden strait.




A photographic trip to Lofoten, an archipelago of islands in the northern part of Norway, is aimed at anyone who wants to develop their light painting skills in one of the most beautiful places on Earth. The level of advancement does not matter much, it is enough that you can operate a camera, know the basics of photography and the rest – i.e. discovering amazing places for shots and frames – we will take care of on the spot. The offer assumes 7 nights and our base, rorbu, stylish and high standard, is located in an easily accessible place with an amazing view. After a few or a dozen or so hours of photographing and moving around, sometimes in difficult weather conditions, each of you will have the right conditions to rest and time to download photos, edit or other private matters. During the trip, I am with you and at your disposal and I will help you if necessary. Airport transfer, transportation between locations and overnight stays are included in the price. The number of participants is a maximum of 6 people, a minimum of 4 people.




The polar day is behind us and the wonderful archipelago of the Lofoten islands will slowly begin to turn into autumn with all its colours and contrasts. Autumn on the islands is beautiful with all its colours and shades. The sun shines for a few more hours during the day and fuels all the lightnings and shades that surround us. It brightens the mountains, breaks through the sea waves and colours the hills, fjords and villages, giving them a characteristic and mystical atmosphere.

The northern lights, an amazing phenomenon straight from the starry sky and sun dust, can be observed on the islands from the end of August, as the nights begin to darken and the sky turns starry again. The duration of shorter days makes the aurora phenomenon much more visible and saturated with its colours than in other parts of this country. The menacing and black sky contrasts amazingly with the moving green, pink or purple arcs, and if we add stars and some interesting object to this, we have a ready frame to capture. Observation sometimes requires a bit of patience, because the solar dust that reaches the Earth’s atmosphere overcomes its path at different intervals of time and amount, but each time it pays to wait and enjoy the unearthly forms of aurora!

We will photograph at different times of the day and night, sunrises and sunsets, as soon as the aurora appears, it will definitely come to your photos!

Every day we will talk about this fantastic field of art, discuss its subject, our photographs and what we would like to improve to become even better.

Charming fishing houses, soaring mountains, beautiful landscapes, long bridges and dangerous waves from the Norwegian Sea – that’s why you want to come here and capture it all and come back to these moments in the long evenings or share amazing memories with your loved ones.

Lofoten is crystal clear water with an unearthly turquoise colour, mountains falling into the water, the sound of sea waves and rustling wind reflecting off rock formations.

It is also the screaming language of seagulls, various birds, and finally eagles patrolling their areas from great heights.

It is a land of fishing villages, cutters, boats moored to countless marinas, red, yellow and white charming fishing houses that remember the distant times of the local community’s main source of income, i.e. fishing.

Here, skrei is dried – cod swimming around the Lofoten archipelago in the winter and caught locally. Hanged and dried by wind and salt from the sea for the next few months.


The expedition plan will not be permanent and we must prepare to change it according to what the weather wants. And the weather in Lofoten is something very unpredictable, it can change very quickly and not necessarily in accordance with our expectations.

Wind directions change as fast as the minute hands on a watch.

Of course, it is possible to tame it, check the forecast in the short term and prepare cautiously warm and waterproof clothes to move on to the outdoors. A few words about clothes can be found below.




 Day 1. Flight to Norway and pick up from the airport

The pick-up day cannot be changed.

After a short introduction and presentation of the expedition, we’ll set off.

We go to a rented house.

The base is located on the island of Vestvågøy.

It will also be our starting point for all days of your stay in Lofoten and its central location will not limit us to moving around various locations on the islands.

SAS, Norwegian, Widerøe – some of the airlines offering connections to this part of Norway.


Day 2-7


We do not use a top-down plan, we only follow the geographical direction to subsequent locations. Due to the very different (difficult) weather conditions and my own experience, I know that it may be impossible to follow any plan.

We start exploring Lofoten from the west side – Å, which is the last town of the archipelago and the last letter of the Norwegian alphabet.

Then we head towards Leknes, a centrally located town in Lofoten to the island of Vestvågøy.

Winter expeditions in addition to winter landscapes focused on capturing the Northern Lights. The chance of success will be increased by tracking aurora forecasts and alerts, in which time periods its intensity and visibility will be the greatest. The activity of this weather phenomenon can occur at different times of the day and night, similarly – the darker it is, the greater the chance of seeing it. Aurora forecasts are short-lived and are best for only 2 or 3 days. This is my opinion resulting from the experience and use of the above-mentioned 


Points and photo spots that we will visit during our stay:

Å-Moskenes. Reine and the hike to Reinebringen (September)

Sakrisøy, Hamnøy

Hiking to Ryten

Ramberg and Flakstad,

Nusfjord, Storsandnes

Haukland – and Uttakleiv, Vik


Ballstad, Leknes.

Day 8 – collection of private belongings and equipment from home, meal and return to Evenes airport. If time allows, we can optionally visit Svolvær – it only depends on the participants’ flight connections and their willingness.

In case of bad weather, an interesting alternative will be the LOFOTR Viking museum in Borg, the telegraph museum in Sørvågen.






1. Price 1100 Euro. The guarantee of participation is the advance (deposit) payment of 700 Euro. The remaining part must be paid up to a maximum of 2 months before the start of the trip.


2. Included – Transfer from and to airports. Transport during the entire stay of our trip by an 8-passenger bus and all fees related to movement. 7 nights in a high-standard holiday home. Shared kitchen and toilet. The house is only at our disposal. Fast internet and TV.

3. Not included in the price – Fly tickets. Dining. Insurance. Alcohol. Everything else not mentioned in point 2.


4. In the event of cancellation or other force issues, full refund.

Contact with me:

Email – robertandrelczyk@gmail.com

Phone, Whatsapp +47 92068685

The reservation should be made by e-mail, in the feedback you will receive the account number to which the advance payment should be made.


5. I communicate in Polish, English and Norwegian, so the offer is addressed to anyone who speaks one of them.







Beaches, mountainous areas, frost, snow, ice – in many places it can be slippery and ALWAYS remember about the safety of yourself and others. You need to be especially careful when moving, for example over wet stones and similar places. Equipment can be bought, but our HEALTH is priceless!

As a resident of Lofoten, I highly recommend getting waterproof, comfortable and warm trousers and a jacket (breathable, ex. Gore-Tex), trekking shoes – comfortable and waterproof.

I also recommend taking light woole or thermal underwear, which will work well for evening or night photography. Nights can be cool, although it is not a rule, but it is better to definitely prepare for this eventuality. Gloves, wool socks, a hat and sunglasses should also be in your luggage. Having a backpack to pack your equipment for photo trips will undoubtedly be a big plus. Water or other drink, possibly a thermos.



A DSLR camera, a mirrorless camera – definitely preferably with a manual mode so that you can take full advantage of its capabilities. Tripod and trigger cable or wireless trigger. Wide-angle lenses – zoom or prime, ultra-wide-angle will also be useful, especially for evening or night shots. Batteries, memory cards. Filters – it is not necessary, but for longer exposure times, the ND filter will of course be irreplaceable. UV, DCL as preferred. Necessarily a lens cleaning kit, it’s better to have it at hand 🙂 Computer, hard drive – for uploading photos and possible editing. Headlamp – it is always useful during night escapades, we remember not to shine our colleagues – photographers in the camera 🙂

You should also take care of insuring the equipment and possibly securing it in the event of flooding or other forms of threats or severe weather conditions.

After making the advance payment, you will receive an e-mail with a reminder of the most important things to bring.





It is an individual matter and each of us has different preferences. The assumption is to prepare meals on the spot, but if you want to use restaurants, bars or other types of places, or you want to prepare meals in our base – the choice is only yours. Breakfast, snacks and something to drink will keep you energized as you explore. Lofoten has restaurants and grocery stores in its offer, where we will buy everyday products. You can assume about 30Euro per day and it depends on your needs and preferences.

You can pay with a payment card in every shop and restaurant, museum or other facilities. The currency is the Norwegian Krone – NOK.




Using of camera

If you have problems with the operation of the camera – together we will definitely solve this problem. Full frame, APS/C or M43 – each of the formats can capture a beautiful composition! During our trip, we will try to help each other in terms of handling, knowledge of settings, arranging compositions in the landscape or discussing the subject of photography. For post-production, I only use Adobe Lightroom, the basics of RAW editing, which I will gladly discuss on site. As I mentioned earlier, I will be at your disposal and I will do my best to improve your photographic skills (if necessary) and return with a whole lot of beautiful and interesting photos from the trip.



Please contact me if anyone suffers from any illness, allergies or anything else that I, as the organizer, should know about. It will be much easier for me to provide help if needed or to ask for help from appropriate places or services.




About me

I have been living in Norway for 16 years, where I spent the first 12 years with my family in Trondheim – in central Norway. Mountain landscape is my greatest passion, I like to combine various elements of nature in my compositions. I have been taking photos for many years and Lofoten only strengthened my belief that this is what I want to do. Wildlife, northern lights and mountains are my favourite elements of photography that create amazing and breathtaking compositions. After a long time of efforts, I managed to achieve my goal and show others the wonders of nature that I have every day. My photography is not only landscape, the subjects of my photos are also people and their portraits, wedding and thematic sessions. To all this I must add the world of animals, which has always been full of magic for me, close to nature, full of wild instincts and behaviors. My photos have been published on many photo platforms and used in many media.

I am the father of three boys, married to a wonderful woman, and I am an animal lover. We have a dog and a cat and a small flock of chickens! In addition, we run our own blog, publish texts and are active in social media. We traveled both in the south and west coast of it. One day we wanted to change our place of residence, somewhere closer to nature, wildlife and peace of mind. Naturally, there could only be one choice and for 4 years we have been happy residents of Lofoten.

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